About Fox

I was born in Lithuania and not a native English speaker so there will be a lot of spelling and style mistakes in posted blogs that won’t make any sense so… bad luck.

My name is Arvydas or Arvy in short. Back in the days my friends used to call me WhiteDragoon or just WD and now I keep getting referred to the Fox and I don’t know why. This site is dedicated my bike projects and various random blogs, mostly related to mechanics. I have a few completely opposite hobbies that just contradicts each other. I love motorcycles, attending to bike meets and gigs, working in a garage while listening ACDC or Slayer and on the another hand – I love anime cosplays, manga, furries, harajuku and similar conventions. So there might be some random blogs linked to them.


Since I was kid I loved tinkering with the mechanics, taking things apart and never putting them back. Once I found an old dads moped buried under the logs and my minds just exploded from curiosity. From that day my interest in motorcycles, cars and any sort of engines started to grow rapidly. After gaining engineering degree I stayed in automotive industry and continue building mechanical engineering knowledge. During the years as a hobby I did a handful motorcycle builds and few are still awaiting. In this blog I will try to keep a track of everything I did and do and hopefully it will become a useful information to someone.

All the information in the site is written from my own experience. If you have any question please feel free dropping a message.