Not so long ago a new family member appeared on my doorstep. It was an unexpected purchase but when I found local ad advertising my favourite van with the right engine and manual gearbox for the half of the market price I just could not resist. And here we
Liepsniukas (“Ogoniok”, “Little Flame”) Part 4/4: So I've been attending to local shows and meets and my old loyal engine slowly started to disintegrate and show some persistence on the roads. First not very pleasurable event was when suddenly I lost clutch at the roundabout and could not start moving.
Liepsniukas (“Ogoniok”, “Little Flame”) Part 3/4: I finally settled down in a new country, finally got a really enjoyable engineering based job and eventually started to look back into hitting the roads with the 2 wheeler again. I had one project running in my British shed but that was like
Another project I did back in 2008 was one of my top 5 favorite projects till this day. I have a thing for Russian IZH (ИЖ) motorcycles since I was kid, even thought they are heavy, under-powered and usually comes with lots of issues. So I've been collecting various rare,
Finally the most interesting part. After months of cleaning, repairing and hunting for parts, material and tools I can eventually enjoy the essence of project build. Majority of the parts are there and ready to go on the frame. I know that there are missing and non original bits around
Few weeks after moving into a new place I found a local ad saying there will be an old car workshop auction and everything must go. It was my first auction and unfortunately I didn’t thought that I need to dedicate all day for such an event. Tools and garage
Here's my first car I bought back in the UK. After many months of suffering public transport I finally decided to get my driving license sorted and also look for my first own 4 wheeled vehicle. When i passed my driving exams I used to drive my moms white Ford
Some repairs I did a while back. When you don't have well established workshop/garage things are moving pretty slowly. Getting around, finding necessary materials or right people to do some work for a reasonable price and in a new country takes some time. One weekend was spend on refurbishing wheels.
When I got a bike I knew that engine is seized up and not cranking. From a glimpse it looked like it is in a really good condition. I hoped to find something minor like stuck kickstarter or a broken piston ring. But those hopes slowly started to fade away
So it’s been half a year in Aussie and I accidentally found a 1975 Yamaha 175b on the local Facebook selling page. It was put on auction with no reserve and with $2 starting price. So I started to follow the activity as there were still 3 or 4 days